We are seeing an increase in the numbers of COVID and the Norovirus, if you have any symptoms please think before attending the practice, telephone consultations can be arranged if needed. 

Thank you for your consideration.  

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Non NHS Fees

Please allow a MINIMUM of 2 weeks for forms or reports to be completed.

Because this is non-NHS work, your GP has the right to decline to complete this work. If this is the case, you will be notified so you can seek alternative options.

Your written consent is required before any report can be completed. Medical records will not be posted & should be collected in person form the surgery or will be sent via secure email/memory stick.

Types of Non-NHS letters/certificates/reports
Private Medical Certificate£50.00
University/Education/Forces/Employment certificate£50.00
Gym Membership/Cancellation£50.00
Firearm Licence -New application£150.00
Firearm License- Renewal£90.00
Letter confirming need to carry medication/needles£20.00
Fit to attend/travel
To Whom It May Concern Letters
Claim form- Private Health Insurance/Holiday Cancellation£50.00
Medical Examination & report (eg Taxi/HGV/Adoption/Fostering)£190.00
OFSTED Health Declaration (Childminder)£90.00
GP Report£300.00 per hour | Minimum charge £150
Administrative Fees For Non Nhs Services
Admin fee may apply in addition to any of the items listed£30.00
Copy Notes£1.00 per page
Supplementary Request for Records (following copy notes)£50.00 + £1.00 per page
Postage of records ONLY where no other option (records should be sent securely via email or hand collection)£10.00 + cost of postage
Medical Report/Targeted report eg for Insurance Company£300.00 per hour | Minimum charge £150
Travel Clinic Services - Please See Separate Fee List